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Ametnes Cloud Platform#

What is Ametnes Cloud?#

Securely deploying and managing open source data services can be complex. It involves understanding the varying and sometimes undocumented configuration of each service. This is so because services are different since they have been developed to serve different purposes.

Ametnes Cloud helps you simplify provisioning and management of cloud native data services at scale. Running on kubernetes allows us to provision and manage your data services within your private kubernetes cluster. This can be in your private data center or in any public cloud provider.

Some complex tasks you need to navigate are;

Complex configuration.#

Understanding the configuration of the service you are attempting to deploy. Configuring a data service for dev and test purposes is usually easy but a production ready configuration takes time to iron out.


Each data service has different security requirements. These include but not limited to

Username and password challenges#

When a username and/or a password challenge is configurable, there is always the complexity of ensuring that this is enforced for each data service deployed. This way you are able to ensure that your data can only be access by authorized personnel.

Tls certificate challenges#

Where tls certificate challenges can be configured, the complexity comes in two forms;

  1. Ensuring that certificates are provisioned as part of the data service setup.
  2. Ensuring that upon expiry, certificates are rotated and updated.

Problem Scenario#

There is a business requirement for a production ready instance of a data service in your private cloud environment (kubernetes)! Likely steps you will follow;

Day 0/1 Operations#

  1. Understand the helm chart layout;
  2. Understand the installation values.
  3. Understand wiring up the dependencies.
    1. Elasicsearch/Kibana.
    2. Operate.
  4. Configuring persistent storage.
  5. Familiarize yourself with basic configuration for a POC.
  6. Gateway configuration.
  7. Worker configuration.
  8. Expose the deployment for external connectivity.
  9. Provision tls certs for https as well as DNS.
  10. SSO authentication e.g. Okta or Azure AD.

Day 2 Operations#

As usage increases in PROD, you need to scale number of workers to handle more load.

After 6 months#

  1. Log4j security vulnerability requires major patching operation.
  2. Minor bug reports in Zeebe and a minor upgrade is required.

After 12 months#

  1. Major upgrade to new version is required to take advantage of new features.
  2. Certificates have to be rotated.

Somewhere along the road, regular backups and restores are needed.

Depending on how seasoned you are at configuring data services, it could take you 3-5 days for your Day 0/1 operations. Any further maintenance in production requires more engineering effort and can take a toll on your team and leave you exposed to security vulnerabilities if for example, security patches aren't applied on time.

Why Ametnes then?#

In the previous problem scenario, all the tasks performed were manual. From the initial setup of the service to the management of the service.


We have build Ametnes based on our experience configuring and deploying hundreds of data services for production workloads. We have made it amazingly simple to deploy open source data services.

  1. You can now deploy data services in minutes rather than days.
  2. Secure, scalable and reliable fully managed service.
  3. Instant access to any newly added data services.
  4. Professional support.

All while running your data service in your private infrastructure.


  1. Wider catalogue of data services
  2. NoSql, SQL databases.
  3. MQTT brokers.
  4. Key-value data services such as Redis.

  5. Running on kubernetes makes Ametnes cloud agnostic, meaning that Ametnes can help you provision data services in your on-prem private data center or in your public virtual private cloud in AWS, GCP or Azure.

  6. Our console gives you a single pane of glass view of all your global data services.

  7. A private managed service that manages your data services deployed in your private infrastructure. This includes;

  8. Automated upgrades
  9. Backup management
  10. Automate tls certificate management.
  11. Security patches.
  12. Extendable via API
  13. Enables deployment of complex services within minutes.
  14. Terraform provider available to aid deployment en-masse.

How it works#

Checkout a full example of how to setup an Ametnes Cloud Data Service Location here

Next Steps#

Getting Started